About Us
Throughout China's long history, jade has held a supreme cultural status, and there was a classical saying that gold always has a price but jade is incalculable and thus priceless, in a sense. Today, global investors and collectors are getting more interested in Chinese art works , antique Chinese jade has become a symbol of personal status and sophistication . Marchance recognizes this tremendous opportunity in the antique market, especially Hong Kong as an essential position in the China market, Hong Kong is considered as one of the fastest-growing and diverse auction markets. Marchance is the first auction company specialized in antique jades. Our company is very aggressive in sourcing extremely rare and stunning jade pieces.

Marchance, being an expertise in the Jade market, our company works with collectors, institutions, and galleries to locate outstanding and rare treasures across the world. Marchance selects the best pieces for its auctions. In addition to antique jades, Marchance offers auction services to luxuries and other Chinese works of arts, such as: jewelries, watches, Contemporary arts, Chinese classical paintings and calligraphies, antique furniture, ceramics, and many others. Marchance is the right place for people looking to buy and sell fine Chinese jade and works of arts.

Marchance is pleased to provide auction estimates, free of charge. For providing more flexibility and immediate help to our customers, our company strives our best to meet specific need of each individual consignor. Marchance is located in Hong Kong and offers its clients worldwide access to its sales through real-time online bidding service. We sincerely invited you to visit our website and Hong Kong office to join our auctions.