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Can I change my registration information?
You can update and edit your account information at any time. Just log in to your account and select the appropriate link under Account Profile.
How do I log in my account?
You can log in to your account or create an account on our website. The top navigation bar leads the way: My Account.
Why do I need to register to create an account?
Your registration provides us with the email address to send you online bid confirmations and the billing address for any post-sale paperwork if you are the successful bidder.
Why do I need to log in and log out?
You don't have to log in to view all features on our website, unless you want to have access to your online account information. Logging in and out protects the privacy of your information.
What if I forget my username, password or both?
For your security and privacy, our staff does not have access to your confidential username and password. If you forgot your username and password, we recommend that you re-register. If you forgot your password, our automated system will email it to you upon receipt of your username and email address.
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